Divergent media EditReady

Divergent media EditReady

RedShark Review: Divergent Media has been around at least 10 years creating Mac applications for transcoding and evaluating footage. There are a number of possible workflows to rewrap and transcode the myriad of formats that we encounter. Where shoots have used a menagerie of cameras, editors are confronted with a range of wrappers and codecs. We have already looked at other software solutions beyond the NLE including the Sony Catalyst Suite and the beta of the forthcoming Kyno. EditReady provides one of the simplest and fastest solutions to the mixed format dilemma.

Divergent media EditReady cost

I love EditReady. It's nice to be able to bulk transcode with a reliable program.

EditReady: Speed Comparison

FileMaker Pro 15 Advanced | Macrabbit Espresso 2

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