MoldWorks 2016

MoldWorks 2016

No Draft Core optional — can be created in the core group No Draft Cavity optional — can be created in the cavity group and automatically placed into the SplitWorks Property Page along with a parting line folder. This property page along with the color coding and parting lines is dynamically updated while modifying the part allowing you to gauge the implications of modifications made to the part. Context sensitive popup menus and functionality in SplitWorks property page Automatic Rebuild option which updates face classification and parting line display dynamically. Move menus to move faces between groups. Create Surface to create core, cavity or side core surfaces.

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MoldWorks SP2 is released | R&B

MoldWorks is used, first of all, to reduce the cycle of design work. The mold making time in the MoldWorks system takes several hours, unlike 1. MoldWorks helps to optimize the size of the package and the location of its nodes, by the place of editing individual components of the mold.

MoldWorks Starting the mold from scratch

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