Nikon Camera Control Pro 2

Nikon Camera Control Pro 2

Pre-installed versions only. May not function as expected if camera is connected via a USB hub. Some of the above products may not have been announced or released in all countries or regions. The Explorer, Nikon Transfer 2, and other software will not show the pictures stored on memory cards inserted in the camera. The pictures will be displayed when you exit Camera Control Pro 2. The focus point will not be recorded in the photo information for pictures taken using the Shoot button while AF-F is selected for autofocus mode.

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Testing report: Tethered Shooting with Nikon Camera Control Pro2 Remote Control software for microscope applications using Nikon SLR cameras In professional microphotography, it would be inconceivable working without camera control software, since software of this kind makes it possible to produce high quality images within significantly shorter time periods, thereby considerably boosting productivity. Direct operation of the camera is not advisable for this application, since the whole optical system the camera, including the adapter is very sensitive to mechanical vibrations.

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