Prosoft Data Rescue 3

Prosoft Data Rescue 3

Unlike other similar applications, this one focuses more on data recovery than the repair of faulty hard drives. Thus, you will find that there are many scanning modes that let you find either lost data or files that you have recently deleted. There are also other modes that have nothing to do with data recovery and deal more with data loss prevention. Graphically, you can tell that a lot of effort was put into creating the user interface in Data Rescue 3. There are a lot of effects in every little part of the interface. The first one was the quick scan.

Prosoft Data Rescue 3 with discount

Data Rescue 3. Business Wire October 20, Now that it runs natively as bit it will run faster and be able to take full advantage of all the memory in your Mac, resulting in faster scanning and recovery times.

Data Rescue 3 Overview / Review by PROSOFT Engineering

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