Transoft AutoTURN InSite 8

Transoft AutoTURN InSite 8

As the vehicle swept path analysis software of choice for transportation engineers, planners, drafters, and architects, AutoTURN is used everyday. Along with new standard vehicle libraries, this version of AutoTURN adds the ability to customize 2D loads and shapes giving our users more design options. Along with new standard vehicle libraries, the latest version of AutoTURN includes features for detaching tractor and trailer and creating vehicles with liftable axles. New Libraries New standard vehicle libraries to help you keep your designs current and in compliance with local guidelines.

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AutoTURN vehicle swept path analysis software, trusted by government agencies and leading transportation engineering firms to assess road, highway, and site design projects. Transoft Solutions has built its reputation as a leader in the development of quality-enhancing and time-saving CAD software for the engineering community.

AutoTURN - Swept Path Analysis Software

Transoft AeroTURN Pro 5 | Windows 8.1

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