Understanding Adobe Photoshop CS4

Understanding Adobe Photoshop CS4

It includes a number of special features that may be of use to the tyro. There are chapters on all of the basic functions of Photoshop from bringing images into Photoshop through the use of layers and text to printing. The method is to introduce a tool, and then provide a brief tutorial using images that are available on the included CD. The CD also includes interactive quizzes on each chapter and access to on-line video training. The tutorials take the reader step by step through the use of a particular tool and are quite good at teaching the Photoshop basics. However, more advanced applications are not covered, and although the book is illustrated with the Photoshop CS4 interface, most of the changes introduced in CS4, like bird's eye-view and cloning preview, are not included in the book.

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Using the Type Tool While Photoshop initially had very primitive type tools, its capabilities have grown significantly because many people choose to create and stylize type within Photoshop. This flexibility allows many designers to start and even finish designs inside Photoshop. In this case Photoshop was used to design a postcard.

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